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Dean's Message

Dean of Academic Programs, Professor Youssef Shatilla

Greetings from the Office of Academic Programs (OAP) and a warm welcome to you as you embark on your graduate career at the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology. The Office of Academic Programs is dedicated to excellence in teaching, research and service.

The Institute offers Masters and Doctoral programs in engineering disciplines with a focus on advanced energy and sustainable technologies. The quality of graduate programs administered by the Office of Academic Programs is reflected in the recognition received by its students and faculty.

The OAP serves as the administrative point of contact to monitor quality and coordinate the overall academic operations. This encompasses providing effective guidance to both students and faculty and administration of academic programs. The Office aims to be student-centered and is continuously striving to enhance the educational opportunities by developing, implementing and reviewing policies and processes that benefit students, faculty and the wider community.

The Office supports all campus initiatives in teaching and learning activities at all levels and is ready to respond to the evolving trends and challenges in education. To this effect, the development of Masdar Institute’s academic programs comes with consistent efforts and measures of accountability that collectively promote advanced scholarship and innovation in research.

Through the process of accreditation, the Office assures that the programs are in compliance with local Ministry requirements and meet international standards via its collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

The Office of Academic Programs is here to help faculty and graduate students succeed in their program of study and research endeavors. We are always available to support your needs and listen to your concerns and ideas. I wish you success during your studies with us and in your future careers.


The Office of Academic Programs supports and assists the faculty of Masdar Institute faculty in their teaching, research and administrative roles. It overseas oversees academic standards and academic support services related to the professional graduate programs and interacts with faculty on academic matters through committees and respective Program Heads.
The Office of Academic Programs is also responsible for all academic and student policy matters - helping in the formulation of policies that affect the students as well as overseas academic matters related to student assessment and academic program evaluation - and is responsible for all accreditation related matters.

Available files for reference:

Academic Calendar, Click here

Student Academic Handbook, Click here

Online Course Evaluation User Guide, Click here

Master Thesis Manual, Click here

Masdar Institute Catalog 2015/2016, Click here

Student Travel Grant Form, Click here

PhD Dissertation Manual, Click here

Accreditation Updates

In response to the clear vision of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, (MOHESR), and in pursuit of academic excellence, Masdar Institute applied for and received initial licensure in May 2008. This was followed by extensive efforts of documenting the entire academic process for all of the first five academic master’s programs at the Institute and submitting applications for initial accreditation in November 2009.

In July, 2010 the Commission on Academic Accreditation (CAA) accredited the following five academic master’s programs:

In May 2011, the CAA accredited an additional two academic master’s programs:

In January 2012, the CAA accredited the following academic master’s program:

In February 2013, the CAA accredited the following academic program:

In March 2014, the CAA accredited the following academic master’s program:

The MSc concentration in Space Systems and Technology was accredited by the CAA of the UAE MOHESR in July 2015.


You can contact the Office of Academic Programs as follows:

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Dean of Academic Programs
+971 2 810 9166

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Senior Academic Programs Officer
+971 2 810 9523