Matteo Chiesa


Prior to joining the Masdar Institute faculty, Dr. Matteo Chiesa was a Post Doctoral Research Fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he investigated the properties of nano-engineered insulating material that may play a key role in addressing the technological challenges faced by the oil industry in enhancing oil recovery while minimizing its environmental impact.

This research was performed in close collaboration with the R&D department at Aibel (former ABB Offshore System) for which he previously served as a technical advisor. He was also employed at SINTEF Petroleum and Energy, one of the largest European research institutions.

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Courses/Teaching interests:

  • Thermodynamics of Materials
  • Kinetics of Materials
  • Solar Thermal Analysis, Design and Testing 

Main Advisor to current Masdar Institute students:

  • Ayoub Glia  
  • Tzu-Chieh Tang 
  • Chia-Yun Lai  
  • Carlo Alberto Amadei (PhD)
  • Guang Li (PhD)
  • Christopher  Pilscheur (PhD)


Research Interest/Research Projects 
  • Thermodynamics & kinetics of material
  • Nanoscale energy transfer
  • Concentrated Solar Power Plant
  • Oil & Gas production and transport
  • Current Research Projects: 
  • The effect of dielectrophoretically assembled nanoparticles on the heat transfer of nanofluids
  • Study of nanoscale transport in thermoelectric materials
  • Large-sample metered-data analysis and energy characterization of buildings in the United Arab Emirates
  • Aerosol effect on solar radiation flux: consequences for solar thermal power production in the UAE
  • Hot climate mileage accumulation test for electric vehicle
  • Solar thermoelectric energy conversion: fundamentals and applications
  • Aerosol effect on solar radiation flux: consequences for solar thermal power production in the UAE
  • Towards high-performance thermo-photovoltaic cells.
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Selected Publications
  • Marwan Mokhtar, Muhammad Tauha Ali, Rajab Khalilpour, Ali Abbas, Nilay Shah, Ahmed Al Hajaj, Peter Armstrong, Matteo Chiesa, Sgouris Sgouridis “Solar-Assisted Post Combustion Carbon Capture Feasibility Study” Accepted for publication in Applied Energy 2011
  • S. Santos, V. Barcons, A. Verdaguer, J. Font, N. H. Thomsonand M. Chiesa “How localized are energy dissipation processes in nanoscale interactions” Nanotechnology 22 (2011) 345401.
  • K. R. Gadelrab, F.A. Bonilla and M. Chiesa "Implications of the idea of effective tip shape on nanoindentation unloading curves: AFM measuemnets and FE simulation" Accepted for publication in Journal of Material Science 2011
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