Peter Armstrong

Peter Armstrong Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering

Associate Professor - Mechanical Engineering
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Associate Professor - Mechanical Engineering
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Dr. Peter Armstrong, P.E., is Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Masdar Institute where he leads projects in model-predictive control of high-performance cooling systems with building integrated thermal storage (aka TABS); optimal control of district cooling plants with and without thermal energy storage; GCC-specific cooling equipment designs and performance standards; micro-climate and urban form; model identification of transient thermal processes; solar resource assessment (DNI, circumsolar, aerosols); solar desalination and liquid desiccant regeneration; and concentrating solar power at the Beam-Down Optical Experiment (BDOE).  

Dr. Armstrong has 35 years of experience in the fields of passive and active solar energy, heat transfer, and building science, including 8 years at the Solar Energy Application Laboratory (CSU) and more than 15 years at U.S. Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.  His international experience includes three years monitoring performance and modeling and verifying energy retrofits for the World Bank Enterprise Housing Divestiture Project in the former Soviet Union and a UNDP solar instrumentation and monitoring mission at Gansu Natural Energy Research Institute in Lanzhou, PRC.  He has consulted for the Electric Power Research Institute and National Renewable Energy Laboratory.


  • MEG503 Advanced Heat and Mass Transfer
  • MEG510 Advanced Thermodynamics
  • MEG513 Solar Thermal Analysis, Design and Testing
  • MEG623 Estimation and Inference from Models and Data


Advisor to Current Masdar Institute Students

  • Alex Jacob Niswander   
  • Ioannis Koukoutsis 
  • Jemal Mohamedbrhan Adem   
  • Omer Sarfraz   
  • Omer Ahmed Qureshi (PhD)
  • Mohammad Ismail Ahmad Awad (PhD)


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Research Interests/Projects

  • Solar thermal systems: solar power (CSP), heating, cooling, dehumidification, desalination
  • Environmental monitoring; advanced radiation instruments for DNI distribution and atmospheric aerosol characterization
  • Energy demand response, building-utility interface (SBSG)
  • Thermal energy storage for CSP, heating/cooling of buildings
  • Modeling and simulation of high-performance buildings
  • Advanced cooling, heat pump and chiller modeling and optimal control
  • Model-predictive control in buildings and building systems



Selected Publications  (see full list

  • Gayeski, N.T., P.R. Armstrong and L.K. Norford, 2011. Empirical modeling of a rolling-piston compressor heat pump for predictive control in low-lift cooling. ASHRAE Transactions.
  • Gayeski, N.T., P.R. Armstrong and L.K. Norford, 2011. Predictive pre-cooling of thermo-active building systems with low-lift chillers, International J. HVAC&R Research, special issue on optimization.
  • Zakula, T., N.T. Gayeski, P.R. Armstrong and L.K. Norford, 2011. Variable-speed heat pump model for a wide range of cooling conditions and load, ASHRAE Transactions
  • A. Qadir and P.R. Armstrong, Liquid-air transpired solar collector: model development and sensitivity analysis, (in review) ASME J Solar Energy Engineering
  • Ali, M.T., M.M. Mokhtar, M. Chiesa, P.R. Armstrong, 2011, A cooling change-point model of community-aggregate electrical load, Energy and Buildings, 43(1):28-37
  • Mokhtar, M.M., M.T. Ali, S. Bräuniger, A. Afshari, S. Sgouridis, P.R. Armstrong and M. Chiesa., Comprehensive techno-economic assessment of solar cooling technologies using location-specific climate data, Applied Energy 87(12):3766-3778
  • A. Qadir and P.R. Armstrong, Hybrid liquid-air transpired solar collector: model development and sensitivity analysis, ASME IMECE2010-40571 Vancouver, November 2010
  • Mokhtar M., I. Rubalcaba, S. Meyers, A. Qadir, P.R. Armstrong and M. Chiesa: Heliostat field efficiency test of beam-down CSP pilot plant: experimental results, SolarPACES 2010 Conference
  • Meyers S., A. Qadir, I. Rubalcaba, M. Mokhtar, M. Chiesa, and P. Armstrong: Development of a correlation between luminous intensity and solar flux for the beam-down tower configuration. SolarPACES 2010 Conference
  • Armstrong, P.R., S. Katipamula, W. Jiang, D. Winiarski, L.K. Norford, and R.A. Willingham. 2009. Efficient low-lift cooling with radiant distribution, thermal storage and variable-speed chiller controls, International J. HVAC&R Research, 15(2):366-400; 402-432
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  • Armstrong, P.R., C.R. Laughman , S.B. Leeb , L.K. Norford. Fault detection based on motor start transients and shaft harmonics measured at the RTU electrical service, 10th Int’l Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Conf. 2004
  • Armstrong, P.R., D.L. Hadley, R.D. Stenner, M.C. Janus. Whole-building airflow network char-acterization by a many-pressure-states (MPS) technique, ASHRAE Transactions, 107(2), 2001
  • Armstrong, P.R., J.A. Dirks, R.W. Reilly, J.W. Currie, R.J. Nesse, B. Nekrasov, O.V. Komarov. Russian apartment building thermal response models for retrofit selection and verification, 2000 ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings. 
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