Toufic Mezher

Toufic Mezher Department of Engineering Systems and Management

Professor - Engineering Systems and Management
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Professor - Engineering Systems and Management
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Toufic Mezher is a Professor of Engineering Systems and Management at Masdar Institute of Science and Technology (MIST) since 2008. He is currently affiliated with the Institute Center for Smart and Sustainable Systems (iSmart). Before joining Masdar Institute, he was a Professor of Engineering Management at the American University in Beirut from 1992 to 2007. Dr. Mezher earned a BS in Civil Engineering from University of Florida, and a Master and ScD in Engineering Management from George Washington University in 1988 and 1992 respectively. His research interests include Renewable Energy Management and Policy, Sustainable Development, Technology Strategy and Innovation Systems.

Courses/Teaching interests

  • Technology Strategy 
  • Macroeconomics 

Courses/Teaching interests

  • Yousif Ahmed Al Abd (PhD)
  • Omar Saif (PhD)  
  • Muna Ahmed Al Mehrezy       
  • Fatima Saleh Al Baloushi       
  • Mahdi Nasser Al Hameeri       
  • Abdulla Al Jeaidi       
  • Reem Abdulrahman Ketait   
  • Hamad Alraqbani       
  • Maryam Abdulhameed Alhosani       
  • Sooriya Arachchige Sooriyaarachchi
  • Eiman Ali Salem Dhanhani


Research Interest/Research Projects
Research interests include Sustainable Development, Renewable Energy Policy, Building Knowledge-Based Economies and Innovation Systems, Knowledge Management, etc.

Current research projects:

  • Evaluation of Handling Approached of Siemens AG Solid Waste Generated from the Postcap process considering Regulation in UAE.
  • Evaluation and Modeling of Tuberculosis Control Program in Northern India to Develop Incentivized Case-finding Networks.
  • Market study: Alternative fuels for power generation in MENA.
  • Carbon Footprint Scenario Modeling: Extension for Assessment of Socio economic Impacts of Policies.



Selected Publications:

  • Ferroukhi, R., Hawila, D., Ghazal, N., and Mezher, T., Renewable energy in the GCC: Status and Challenges, accepted for publications in International Journal of Energy Sector Management.
  • Mezher, T., Park, J., Meeting the Renewable Energy and Sustainability Challenges in GCC Economies: Masdar Initiative Case Study in The GCC Economies, Part 2, Springer, pp. 69-84, 2012.
  • Mezher, T., Dawelbait, G., Abbas, Z. Renewable energy policy options for Abu Dhabi: drivers and barriers, Energy Policy Journal, Vol. 42, pp. 315–328, 2012.
  • Mezher, T., Goldsmith, D., and Choucri, N. Renewable Energy in Abu Dhabi: Opportunities and Challenges, ASCE Journal of Energy Engineering, Vol.137, No.4, pp. 169-176, 2011.
  • Henschel, A., Dawelbait, G., Mezher, T., and Woon, W.L. “Forecasting Renewable Energy Technologies in Desalination and Power Generation using Taxonomies,” Journal of Social Ecology and Sustainable Development, v2, n3, pp. 79-93, 2011.
  • Mezher, T., Building Future Sustainable Cities: The Need for a New Mindset, Construction Innovation (Invited Editorial), v11, n2, pp 136-141, 2011.
  • Mezher, T, Fath, H., Abbas, Z. and Khaled, A. Techno-economic Assessment and Environmental Impacts of Desalination Technologies, Desalination Journal, v266, n1-3, pp. 263-273, 2011.
  • Mezher, T., Noamani, D., Abdul-Malak, M.A., and Maddah, B. Analyzing Sustainability Knowledge in the Arab World. Sustainable Development, 19, 402–416, 2011.
  • Choucri, N., Goldsmith, D., and Mezher, T. Renewable Energy Policy in an Oil-Exporting Country: The Case of the United Arab Emirates. Renewable Energy Law and Policy Review, v1, n1, pp. 77-86, 2010.
  • Mezher, T., Tabbara, S., and Al Hosany, N. An Overview of CSR in the Renewable Energy Sector: Examples from Masdar Initiative in Abu Dhabi. Management of Environmental Quality, v 21, n6, pp. 744 - 760, 2010. (Got 2011 Outstanding Paper Award by Emerald Literati Network).