Wei Lee Woon

Wei Lee Woon Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Associate Professor - Computing and Information Science
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Associate Professor - Computing and Information Science
Phone number: +971 2 810 9164

Prior to joining Masdar Institute faculty, Dr. Wei Lee Woon was on the faculty of the Malaysia University of Science and Technology as an Assistant Professor, where he served until 2007. Dr. Woon’s research interests are focused on the analysis of large data sets. Recent examples include technology forecasting, text mining and Biomedical signal analysis. Dr. Woon has authored over 20 academic papers. 

Courses/Teaching interests

  • Integrating Information Systems: Technical, Strategic, and Organizational Factors 
  • Foundations of Software Engineering 


Advisor to current Masdar Institute students

  • Bedoor  Al-Shebli (PhD)
  • Tzu-Chun Lin   
  • Ioannis Karakatsanis   
  • Chih-Hsien Chou   
  • Artur Grigoryan   
  • Senka Kojic       
  • Hayk Baluyan       
  • Bikash Joshi      


Research Interest/Research Projects



Selected Publications

  • W.L. Woon and K.D. Wong. 2008 “String Alignment for Automated Document Versioning”, (in press) Knowledge and Information Systems, Springer. 
  • W.L. Woon, A. Cichocki, F. Vialatte and T. Musha 2007 “Techniques for early detection of Alzheimer’s Disease using spontaneous EEG recordings”, Physiological Measurement, 28:335-347, Institute of Physics. 
  • W.L. Woon and A.Cichocki, 2007 “Temporal Complexity Measures for Brain Computer Interfaces”, Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience, vol. 2007, Hindawi.