Abdulla Galadari Department of Engineering Systems and Management

Department of Engineering Systems and Management
Engineering Systems & Management - Assistant Professor
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Department of Engineering Systems and Management
Engineering Systems & Management - Assistant Professor
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Dr. Galadari’s main research interest is in decision modeling applications, especially for transportation, policy, contract negotiation, and conflict resolution.
Dr. Galadari holds a PhD in Civil Engineering and has an MSc in Civil Engineering and an MEng in Engineering Management using GIS. He also holds a BSc in Civil Engineering and a BSc in Applied Mathematics. Prior to joining Masdar Institute, he held the position of Head of Data Unit at the GIS Center in Dubai Municipality and Director of Project Management and Development with Dubai Maritime City and Nakheel respectively. At the same time, he was also an Adjunct Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Higher Colleges of Technology and the American University in Dubai.

Dr. Galadari is currently also a registered mediator at the Arbitration Centre of DIFC-London Court of International Arbitration.

Advisor to current Masdar Institute students



Research Interest/Research Projects

  • Transportation and Traffic Modeling
  • Traffic Safety Modeling
  •  Decision Theory Applications:
    • Transportation Planning
    • Infrastructure Policy
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Contract Negotiation


Selected Publications

  • Galadari, A. and al-Hammadi, H. (2011) “Regret Model for Arbitration: Predicting the Outcome,” International Journal of Innovation, Management and Technology, 2(6): 471 – 476.
  • Galadari, A. and al-Hammadi, H. (2011) “Modelling Arbitration: Evaluating Risks and Settlements of Disputes Using Regret Theory,” International Proceedings of Economics Development, 15: 89 – 92.
  • Al-Abdooli, S. A., Ahmed, S. A., Bin Jarsh, M. O., Al-Radhi, M. K., and Galadari, A. (2013) “Forecasting Tropical Storms in the Eastern Region of the United Arab Emirates: Lessons Learnt from Gonu,” Causes, Impact, and Solutions to Global Warming (ed. Ibrahim Dincer), Springer, forthcoming.