Mohammed A. Omar

Mohammed A. Omar Department of Engineering Systems and Management

Professor - Engineering Systems and Management
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Department of Engineering Systems and Management


Dr. Mohammad Atif Omar joined Masdar Institute as an Associate Professor of Engineering Systems and Management in the fall of 2012 and he is now Professor of Engineering Systems and Management. Before joining Masdar Dr. Omar served as an Associate Professor of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering at Clemson University, and as the Director of Graduate Studies.

Dr. Omar has also served as a visiting scholar at the Toyota Motor Corporation, Research and Development Headquarters in Japan as part of the Instrumentation and Measurement Engineering Division in 2005; in addition to serving as a post-doctoral scholar at the University of Kentucky Center of Robotics and Manufacturing Systems in 2004.

Dr. Omar’s research has been recognized by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers SME through its Richard L. Kegg award, the Society of Mobility Engineers SAE through its Foundation Leadership in Manufacturing Award, and through the Murray Stokeley Excellence in Engineering Education Award.

Currently, Dr. Omar serves as Editor-in-Chief for the Journal of Material Science Research. His work is published in 5 book manuscripts, 4 US and Japanese Patents, and more than 90 refereed journal publications, conference proceedings and keynote presentations.


  • Microeconomics
  • Manufacturing Systems
  • Product Design and Development

Current Masdar Institute Students

  • Abdullah Al Ali
  • Sultan Al Ali
  • Abdullah AL Shehi
  • Reem Al Juniabi
  • Wala Abed Al Khader
  • Fatima Al Obeidli
  • Salama Al Braiki
  • Jasem Al Shehi
  • Aliaa Abou Ali
  • Khulood Al Ameri
  • Armin Alibasic




Dr. Omar’s research is focused on the area of Knowledge-based Manufacturing and Concurrent Design; in addition to the area of Nondestructive Testing NDT and monitoring of processes and products.

Projects and research interests:

  • Sustainable Manufacturing Systems and Processes; Energy Simulation in Manufacturing lines
  • Sustainable Product Design; Lightweight Engineering and Meta-identity product design   
  • Origami Applications to Sheet metal folding
  • Knowledge-based Manufacturing and Design



  • Mayyas, A., Mayyas Abed., Qattawi, A., Omar, M., “Sustainable Light-weight Vehicle Design; a case study of eco-material selection for body-in-white”, 2, 4, 317-377, International Journal of Sustainable Manufacturing, (2012)
  • Mayyas, A., Omar, M. A., Qattawi, A. “Life-Cycle Assessment Based Selection for a Sustainable Body in White Design”, Journal of Energy, 39, 412 - (2011)
  • Zhou, Y., Mayyas A., Omar, M. A., “Principal Component Analysis based Image Fusion Routine with Application to Automotive Stamping Split Detection”, Journal of Research in Nondestructive Evaluation, 22, 76-91, (2010)