Prashanth Reddy Marpu

Prashanth Reddy Marpu Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering

Assistant Professor - Water & Environmental Engineering
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Program: Water and Environment Engineering 
Phone number: +971 (02) 8109242

Dr. Prashanth Marpu is an Assistant Professor with the Water and Environment Program. His specialization is in statistical methods, environmental data analysis, remote sensing and geographic information systems, machine learning, image and signal processing, and high performance computing. Prior to joining Masdar Institute, Dr. Marpu was working as a researcher at the University of Iceland, Reykjavik, Iceland. Before that Dr. Marpu was a Marie Curie Fellow at University of Pavia, Italy working on hyperspectral data analysis. Dr. Marpu holds a PhD from Technical University of Freiberg, Germany and a MSc in Wireless Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark, Kongens Lyngby, Denmark.


  • Environmental Data Analysis
  • Environmental Remote Sensing  and Satellite Image Processing
  • Image processing

Advisor to Current Masdar Institute Students

  • Hye Yeon Kim   
  • Rasha Alshehhi (PhD)


  • Image processing, environmental data analysis, hyperspectral imaging, remote sensing and geographic information systems


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