Sameh El Khatib Department of Engineering Systems and Management



Dr. Sameh El Khatib received his Bachelors and Masters in electrical engineering from McGill University, Montreal, Canada, in 2002 and 2005, respectively.  He received his Doctorate of Philosophy degree from McGill University in 2011, where his research interests included power system economics, electricity market restructuring and planning, greenhouse gas regulation, as well as decision-making in the energy sector, specifically in the context of oligopolistic electricity markets .

During his time at McGill University, Dr. El Khatib published papers on market power shift and gaming of power generating companies in electricity markets as well as on portfolio management under different risk definitions.  He was also a lecturer at McGill University, where he taught courses in electromechanical systems, as well as power system analysis and planning. 

Following his McGill posting, he then joined Booz & Company in the Middle East to become a strategy and energy consultant where he worked on a portfolio of different projects in the long-term strategy development and market analysis in the energy, petrochemical and gas sectors.  He is currently an Assistant Professor at the Masdar Institute, in the Engineering Systems & Management (ESM) Program, working on energy and emission reduction policy frameworks and their implementation in the UAE.  He is part of the economics, policy and finance concentration, whose essential research objective is to assist government entities in the design and implementation of integrated national energy/public policy frameworks.

Courses/Teaching interests:

  • Microeconomics (FDN-451)

Advisor to current Msc students:

  • Gun Matsuo (University of Tokyo Transfer Student)
  • Reem Al Youssef
  • Abeer Al Maazmi
  • Majid Al Jasmi
  • Shamma Al Jaberi

Advisor to current PhD students:

  • Ahmed Simrin
  • Youssef Al Abd
  • Ashot Mnatsakanyan
  • Christina Nikolopoulou





  • Integrated National Energy/Public Policy Design and Frameworks:
    • Developing a regulatory policy framework for an integrated energy sector in U.A.E that optimizes the country’s natural resources;
    • Designing a national holistic emission regulation scheme in Abu Dhabi to facilitate meeting the emirate’s 2030 vision.

  • Electricity Markets Operation and Planning:
    • Modeling of different market designs utilizing the theory of Nash Equilibrium to capture varying degrees of gaming behavior;
    • Studying the integration of market-based emission regulation schemes in oligopolistic electricity markets to meet emission targets and minimize the effect of such schemes on social-welfare



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  • S. El Khatib, and F. D. Galiana, “On gaming in electricity markets under cap-and-trade”, in Proc. Sustainable Alternative Energy 2009 conf., PES, IAS, IEEE, Valencia, Sep. 2009.