Andrea Schiffauerova

Andrea Schiffauerova Department of Engineering Systems and Management

Department of Engineering Systems and Management
Associate Professor- Institute Center for Innovation (iInnovation)
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Dr. Andrea Schiffauerova obtained her PhD and MEng degrees in Industrial Engineering from École Polytechnique de Montréal, Canada, and BEng in Industrial Engineering from Silesian University, Czech Republic. In August 2009, Dr. Schiffauerova joined the Concordia Institute for Information Systems Engineering at Concordia University in Montreal as an assistant professor, and was promoted to associate professor in June 2014.
Dr. Schiffauerova has secured excellent external funding while at Concordia University including NSERC Discovery Grant, FQRSC Nouveaux chercheurs, FQRSC Équipes de recherche, SSHRC Insight Grant, SSHRC Insight Development Grant, SSHRC Partnership Development Grant and FQRSC-NE3LS grant. Dr. Schiffauerova is a member of The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia.


  • Microeconomics
  • Product Design and Development



Dr. Schiffauerova’s current research interests include:

  • Economics of innovation and science.
  • Innovation networks.
  • Scientometrics.
  • Management of knowledge and technology.

Current research projects:
Dr. Schiffauerova is very interested in designing effective and sustainable innovation systems. Her particular area of interest lies in the study of innovation networks and knowledge diffusion. Currently she focuses on the network structure, on its efficiency in terms of knowledge transfer and innovative productivity, on the network dynamics and on the strategic interactions among the network actors.

Dr. Schiffauerova has been also involved in the projects focused on the impact of research funding, on the university-industry collaboration and on the commercialization of new technologies.

Further areas of research for Dr. Schiffauerova include; new product development, which are concerned with quality, engineering change management, process management and design effectiveness.


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