MIT LogoThe Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has played a key role in Masdar Institute since its establishment. A joint cooperative effort extends from collaborative research and joint development of graduate level academic programs, to the assessment of potential faculty and senior administration staff.
Masdar Institute graduates are issued, in conjunction with their Master of Science diploma, a certificate jointly signed by Masdar Institute and MIT in recognition of the successful completion of the requirements for the Master of Science degree.

  • MIT and Masdar Institute faculty are involved in joint research projects through direct one-to-one projects, and in larger team oriented Flagship research projects;
  • Masdar Institute’s Doctor of Philosophy in Interdisciplinary Engineering was established based on guidance from MIT;
  • MIT faculty may serve as PhD thesis committee members on the Research Supervisory Committee of Masdar Institute PhD students;
  • A select number of Masdar Institute PhD students may spend one semester at MIT under the auspices of the MI/MIT PhD Student Exchange Program.

More information about Masdar Institute’s relationship with MIT can be found on the MIT & Masdar Institute Cooperative Program (MIT&MICP) website.