MI has partnered with over 50 organizations around the world to support and advance collaborative research with real-world applications. Commendations from some of the Institute’s esteemed collaborators are shared below.

BP Abu Dhabi General Manager and Chief Representative Salem Bin Ashoor: “BP has played a significant role in the UAE’s oil industry for the last 75 years and, through our support of the UAE’s innovation ecosystem, BP continues to play a valuable role in country’s ongoing economic transformation. As part of BP’s commitment to solve the future energy challenges, we have partnered with the region’s leading sustainability research institute – the Masdar Institute – to provide scholarships to exceptional students who have innovative ideas that can be turned into start-up companies. We are proud to see two Masdar Institute BP scholars in the Class of 2016, who were selected for our scholarship for demonstrating innovative ideas that can be turned into start-up companies. Saeed Al Nofeli and Eanna Farrell are future sustainability leaders with inspirational ideas and we are pleased to support their innovative work.”

Trevi Systems Chief Executive Officer John Webley: “Trevi Systems shares Masdar Institute’s vision of delivering sustainable desalination technologies to the world to help overcome water scarcity issues while respecting the needs of the environment. That is why we have partnered with the Institute to demonstrate a renewable energy-powered forward osmosis seawater desalination plant in Ghantoot that can withstand the harsh desert climate while still being effective and efficient. This collaboration is not just a way to improve promising technologies, it is also an important way to develop the UAE’s human capital. One of Masdar Institute Class of 2016 graduates – Nawshad Akhter – dedicated her thesis research to helping advance the technology that we believe has great potential to bring more efficient desalination to the UAE. We congratulate her, and the entire Masdar Institute Class of 2016.”

EnergyNest Chief Executive Officer Dr. Christian Thiel: “Renewable energy, particularly solar energy, has the potential to help solve many of the world’s energy crises. But in order to fully capitalize on solar energy, we need dynamic energy storage technologies and systems that can handle the challenges of extreme climates. That is why EnergyNest was glad to collaborate with Masdar Institute to successfully test and validate our novel thermal energy storage technology at the Masdar Institute Solar Platform. This allowed us to generate key operational and performance data on our technology for the Gulf climate. Masdar Institute’s faculty and researchers also supported our activities with their strong knowledge of thermal energy systems. Their support was integral to the success of our pilot facility.”

Engie Group Chief Executive Officer Isabelle Kocher: “The Masdar Institute is a visible agent of the energy transition. We value the participation of the Masdar Institute and its student body in ENGIE’s innovative research project on solar desalination, together with SUEZ, and see it as an important example for developing the needed techno-commercial skills for the future.  We look forward to using this engagement as a platform for a strengthened partnership with the Masdar Institute, and with Masdar.”

Maersk Oil Managing Director Richard Doidge: “Maersk Oil has a mission of supporting development of sustainable technologies in the oil and gas industry. To help maximize the value of oil and gas operations in a sustainable way, we have partnered with Masdar Institute – a research-driven university renowned in the region for sustainable technologies. Through this valuable partnership, we aim to identify optimal methods to deliver on our commitment of supporting economic and social prosperity in our communities.”

Yahsat CEO Masood M. Sharif Mahmood: “The UAE’s satellite industry has come a long way in a very short period of time. In order for us to continue to advance and gain ground in this critical sector, we must work together. In partnership with Masdar Institute and Orbital ATK, Yahsat has developed the Middle East’s first graduate-level space systems and technologies concentration. Where the students would be tasked to design, assemble, test and launch a Cubesat as a part of the program. The master’s degree is aimed at developing highly-skilled Emiratis for UAE’s space industry. I am confident that the advanced space systems engineering concepts, methods and techniques being taught by the Institute’s high-caliber faculty will produce graduates equipped with the skills needed to take the UAE’s satellite and space industries to the next level.” 

TOTAL UAE Vice President for Institutional Development Sultan Al-Hajji: “Masdar Institute of Science and Technology (MIT), the world’s first graduate-level research-based university focusing on advanced energy and sustainable technologies, offers a unique gateway for future innovators. By investing in STEM education and innovative research, it sets a benchmark for excellence in sustainable R&D and is helping to develop future generations of sustainability leaders. Total, with its vast experience and expertise in the energy sector, is proud to be collaborating with MIT and ADNOC on many key research initiatives; these include the Digital Rock Physics project, aimed at supporting Abu Dhabi's ambitious goals for enhanced oil recovery by tapping into the partners’ collective expertise and technology to achieve the best and most sustainable solutions.”