MI’s exceptional activities and mission has drawn the attention and praise of many leaders from around the world since it began operations in 2009. Here we share some of the tributes they have paid to MI.

United States Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton: UAE is so well positioned to compete in the 21st century because of your commitment to clean, renewable energy. We are fully committed to supporting your work and we will do everything we can through our academic institutions, like MIT, through our government, like the Department of Energy and the State Department, and through our private sector, to bring more jobs and to bring more innovative entrepreneurial spirit here to the UAE.”

President of Iceland Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson: “…I have been privileged to follow the evolution of Masdar, to be present at the opening ceremony of the campus and the Institute, to attend the annual World Future Energy Summits and, in recent years, to chair the jury of the Zayed Future Energy Prize… For Abu Dhabi, for Masdar, for all of you at the Institute – professors, scientists, researchers, students – all this is an extraordinary record; an achievement without parallel anywhere in the world. I hope that you sense how privileged you are to be a part of this significant journey towards a more sustainable future and that you are pioneers in a field of extreme importance to all of human kind.” 

Irish Ambassador to the UAE His Excellency Patrick Hennessy: “The community you have created here at the Masdar Institute campus in Masdar City is a remarkable testament to the importance of the energy and sustainability agenda - and to the commitment of those who conceived the idea and who are now implementing it. You are not only distinguished in terms of academic excellence but in terms of the role you are playing here at Masdar Institute to place the UAE in the forefront of knowledge and science - at both the national - and international level.” 

Japanese Ambassador to the UAE His Excellency Yoshihiko Kamo:  “Japan remains keen to cooperate with the UAE in the academic arena, especially through research-oriented institutions such as Masdar Institute. We welcome the agreement between the University of Tokyo and Masdar Institute and believe such partnerships will lead to knowledge creation in emerging sectors.” 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) President Dr. L Rafael Reif: “From a hopeful start-up and a bold experiment, Masdar Institute has transformed itself into a thriving academic community that is leading the way on new solutions to the urgent challenges of energy and environment.” 

Deputy Director-General of the International Renewable Energy Authority Frank Wouters:  “What is important to realize, is that innovation is a people affair. It is in the end people who innovate, not organizations. The role of organizations and governments is to create an enabling environment for innovation. Such an environment has been created here at the Masdar Institute in the United Arab Emirates.”

Badr Al-Olama, Chief Executive Officer, Strata: "Masdar Institute of Science and Technology plays a key role in advancing R&D in a number of targeted growth sectors to achieve Abu Dhabi’s Economic Vision 2030, which aims to develop a sustainable and diversified economy underpinned on knowledge and innovation. There is no doubt that the joint cooperation between Strata Manufacturing and the Masdar Institute in the field of research will establish new technologies in composite aerostructures manufacturing, and enable Strata to incubate cost-effective processes by employing the latest technologies and competing on a global scale. This collaboration will also contribute to the development of the national workforce, equipping them with the innovation and technological skills needed to meet the highest international standards."