The Institute Center for Energy (iEnergy) is focused on facilitating research in knowledge and technologies needed for sustainable production, transport, and the use and storage of energy needed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and achieve a sustainable energy system. 



  • To become a regionally focused but globally recognized university research center that produces knowledge and technologies needed for sustainable production, transport, use and storage of energy in order to fulfill the regional and global need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and achieve a sustainable energy system.


  • To provide strategic and operational direction for Masdar Institute's basic and applied energy research in order to achieve research excellence and produce knowledge and technologies that contribute to the establishment of the UAE as a global leader in sustainable energy production for power and transportation as well as efficient energy use and energy storage.
  • To serve Masdar Institute's faculty, students, and stakeholders by supporting a collaborative environment for energy research that is relevant locally and globally and helps position the UAE as a leader in energy markets of the future.

Themes & sponsored centers

Research Theme Areas

  • Sustainable energy production, including renewable and solar energy technologies, carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS), bioenergy for power and transportation, advanced materials for energy applications.
  • Energy transmission and distribution via electric power grids and microgrids, including grid integration of renewable energy power plants, hybrid microgrids, emerging AC and DC systems, FACTs applications, and system optimization for economical, secure and stable operation power systems and network interconnections.
  • Energy efficiency, including smart building and smart grid technologies, energy efficient technologies and utilities interactions, industrial efficiency and waste utilization, advanced cooling technologies, and energy efficient buildings.
  • Thermal, chemical, and electrical energy storage, including advanced design and material development for energy storage and energy harvesting with particular application focus on energy storage for concentrated solar power systems.
  • Advanced and bio-based materials, including biologically derived composites, materials, and chemicals, bio-based and bio-inspired materials, biodegradable materials, multi-functional/smart materials, lightweight materials/structures, and coating technologies.

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