Masdar Institute’s Student Internships are structured around an academic research experience that matches the mission and vision of the Institute and is viewed as an extension of the individual student’s educational experience, whether or not the home university gives credit for the experience.   

Unlike the Masdar Institute Summer Internship Program, which is specifically offered to UAE National undergraduate students, the Student Internships are available to all undergraduate students throughout the year.


  • Be an undergraduate student of junior or senior standing. Recent graduates not accepted into a graduate degree program could be considered.
  • Have completed matriculation in science, information technology (computer science), engineering, or other academic major that matches the admissions criteria for Masdar Institute.
  • Possess English proficiency compatible with Masdar Institute standards.
  • Have a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.5 or above.


  • Student Interns must be invited by a Masdar Institute professor. Students must contact the department or professor with whom they would like to conduct the research, and professors will initiate the process with the Outreach Office.
  • Working with the professor, prospective Student Interns write a proposal for the research project, with clearly defined goals, objectives, deliverables, and timeline.